"A traditional Fair in the heart of the Mendips"

The 2009 Priddy Sheep Fair is to be held on 19th August!!!

Check out the 2008 pictures  in the gallery!

Welcome to our new improved website!! We hope that you will find the information you need about the Fair here if not get in contact with us.

The Fair starts at 10.00 am when the roads within the site close to all traffic. The auctions will start at around 11.00am.

We hope to see you on the day and if you come have a good day. Lets hope we have better weather than the last couple of years!

What is the Fair?

According to tradition, Priddy Sheep Fair moved from Wells in 1348 because of the Black Death, although evidence has been found of a Fair being held at Priddy before that.

There is a local legend, which says that as long as the hurdle stack remains in the village, so will the Fair.

The Fair is held on the nearest Wednesday to 21st August, although originally it was held on the feast of St Lawrence the Martyr on the10th August.

The fair has been continuously held every year since 1348, apart from the recent 2001 and 2007 foot -and-mouth epidemic years.